Our Sirens



Madame Katerina

I’m enchanting Dominant goddess gifted with sensuality and cleverness for guiding my submissives. Swirled w/ my other side - imperious and cruel Domina. I am capable of using my charms to manipulate and torture those who seek me out.

I have mastered the arts of pleasure and pain, Through the understanding of human psychology and my keen intuitive sense of what it is you have to offer beneath my feet! I craft and create new transcendental experiences accordingly.

I will strip you from your mind and will power. Alluring you into complete submission under my control. Using multiple modalities, restraints, and techniques your existence will be marked by me!

My overpowering dominant nature is complemented with my soothing seductive empress. I will create a connective veil amongst us, where every breath and touch elevates into a whole new realm of ecstasy.

My Specialties: Tantra Arts, Bondage, Sensual Domination, facesitting, CBT, canning, Edgeplay, Impact, Spanking/flogging, Tease & Denial, Nipple torture, Suspension, Golden showers, Objectification, Humiliation, Mummification, Cuck, FINDOM, petplay, sensory deprivation, Foot/Boot worship, Domestication/servitude, Sissy play, Gagging, Voyeurism, etc.

Level of experience: expert.



Goddess Circe

As my name says, I seduce my subs and turn them into the real pigs they are inside. I’m a sensual dome with a taste for sadism.

I have master my touch until it became addictive. If you're lucky enough to get to serve me, you will crave more and more every time.

I love above everything else the power exchange, seeing you submit is a high and a rush, your vulnerability, your admiration and hearing the “yes Goddess” is what makes me happy.

Pushing your boundaries and explore your taboos is my enjoyment . I’m selfish and I like it. I will take away your will and enchant you until I’m the only thing you can think about.

I combine tantric arts with years of BDSM experience, creating an unique experience for my sub. I'm as sensual as I’m strict,

My specialties: Sensory/movement deprivation, impact play, canning, pegging, tease & denial, edging, tantra, humiliation, sassyfication, cross dressing, cuckolding, worship, foot fetish, objectification, FINDOM, petplay, slavery/servitude, CBT, mummification, nipple torture, golden showers, COUPLES, etc.

Level of experience: expert.



Queen Snow

I’m an exotic mix between the wild and mysterious lands of Africa and the sophisticated salons of England. Every part of me is sensuality and dominance.

I’m a true queen and I demand to be treated like one. I love to laugh while I watch your pathetic self beg for more.

I enjoy seeing you humiliated, in pain and without power. I want to be your everything, I want to own you, and you will be grateful for such a merciless and beautiful queen.

I want to break every boundary you have, and challenge your limits. Everything you were taught will change when you meet me.

I will hold your deepest secrets and make them a reality. You will not believe that this beauty hides such cruelty and sensual empress.

Specialties; Sensual domination, cross dressing, pegging, tantra, FINDOM, impact play, humiliation, torture, petplay, sensory/movement deprivation, CVT, golden showers, BROWN showers, worship, foot fetish, couples, edging, cuckolding, slavery, nipple torture, etc.

Level of experience: advanced.



Mistress Christy

Alluring, exotic and sadistic Asian mistress, I’m as cruel and merciless as I’m is beautiful. I am the walking prove that the best perfume come in small bottles.

Seen you humiliated and begging for more will put a smile in my pretty face. I enjoy pain and punishment. Movement/sensory deprivation and flogging are one of my favorites. I will make you please my wildest desires while you walk behind like a little pet.

Your place is under my feet, and you know it. I will trap you and you can’t do anything about it but moan like the pathetic sissy you are.

I’m a natural dominant woman, and soon you will realize that I was born to boss you and command you, my word will be your rule.

My specialties: Flogging, foot fetish, punishment, humiliation, canning, ball busting, slapping, petplay, movement and sensory deprivation, chastity, findom, nipple torture, tease & denial, sassyfication, servitude…

Level of experience: intermediate.